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Special Sponsor Bonus

1st August 2020
Special sponsor bonus for introducing new joiners to buy 2+1 set plus long term combo of 6M+1 or 12M+3! Only limited in August 2020!
Public Holiday in Aug

30th July 2020
Dear all, kindly take note on the Public Holiday in August 2020.
Cut-off time for JUL orders

24th July 2020
📣Dear all, kindly take note on the last day order of the month~📣
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🖥📱Online Health Seminar – Natural Proteoglycan (Mandarin) 📝 📝

8th August 2020
💜 Natural Proteoglycan 💜 Date: 11/8/2020 (Tue) Time: 2.30-3.30pm Language: Mandarin Speaker: Jen To join, please click:
🖥📱Online Health Seminar – Thanks AI Culture & Philosophy (Mandarin) 📝 📝

7th August 2020
Date : 7 Aug 2020 Time : 2.30 pm Duration: 45 min - 1 hr 讲师 : MC Lau (马来西亚营运经理)
OPP Schedule for August 2020

6th August 2020
Dear all, here comes the OPP schedule for August 2020. Feel free to join us! Kindly take note you are welcomed to come to our office to join the OPP as well. Limited to 20 pax in training room~

The Revolution of Health & Beauty Products
Acquired World's Patent
The New Era of Health & Beauty Products in a Format of Thin Film

Perfect Mineral Ai

The Organic Fulvic Acid Minerals with a rich blend of Minerals and Fulvic
Acid in the Ancient Plant Sediment Layer

Heartful Essence AI

The Freeze-dried Ingredients & Plant Stem Cell Culture Solution were produced meticulously without additional preservative, the key to beautiful skin, revive to flawless skin, Beauty Essence Imported from Japan


The facial foam fully cover the skin that cleanse pores thoroughly.
Adding with moisturizing ingredients - fulvic acid (mineral), water-soluble proteoglycan, and hydrolyzed swiflet bird nest


Get rid of double cleansing, Remove makeup easily, Revival of a brighter and rosy skin



High Permeability Formula that Delivers Moisture Deep Into Your Skin, Replenish Moisturizing Substances Needed For Your Skin, Deep Awakening Soft and Beautiful Skin