Change Our Agriculture And
Correct The World's Diet.

Is it alright for us to live like this? Can we ensure our diet is healthy?
If we go on like this, will our future generations live happily?
Thanks Ai group was founded based on the idea of "Eating healthily, living a joyful life".
It is a Company born to create a better future.

Is it because of constantly pursuing conveniences that resulted in our current living environment?

Although medical treatment has advanced in the prevention from sickness and illnesses,
yet increasing high medical expenses has become a crisis in the nation.
Due to current local job seekers demanding higher pay and better living standard,
we have brought in more than one million foreign workers to fulfil current vacant position in the country.

Due to minority group of people seeking cheaper products without care for the quality,
this has led to the existence of adulterated food products in the marketplace. In order to protect our future generations,
please participate in our Thanks Ai career activities to create a better future for our children.

4 Ways Of How Thanks Ai Business Program
Could Bring The True Abundance
Of Physical Or Spiritual

Diet Training

Reduction Of National Medical Expenses
By Improving Diet

We aim to achieve the goals of improving diet and reducing the national medical expenses through the implementation of the basic concept of "Feel the joy of healthy diet for a fruitful future life".

Career Training

Leveraging On The Power Of Word Of Mouth
To Conduct Promotional Activities
For Recruiting New Customers

Training will be provided to equip you with the right skills to acquire new customers. Everyone is welcomed, regardless of gender,
age and experience, etc.Our practice of word of mouth adheres to the traditional and precious culture of Japan, while accelerating the economic growth.

Business Training

Profit Sharing Scheme For Members,
An Extra Boost To The Current Business Model

Members will be offered a limited special membership to thrive and prosper together, working towards our vision to evolve into a profit sharing business model.

Agriculture Training

To Popularize "Ai's Products" As A Target From
The Activities Of The Whole Process From Planting To Selling

Our farmers raise it crops without the use of fertilizer and pesticides to ensure food security is achieved, as well as to increase food self-sufficiency.


「 Feel The Joy Of Healthy Diet For
A Fruitful Future Life 」 - Farming Literacy Association

There is an increasing trend in Japan whereby consumer measures a product's quality by its appearance and price point.
This exposes the Japan consumers to a threat of intentional adulterated food as a result of negligence goes unnoticed.
The "Ai's products" treat all living creatures and the Earth with greatest respect.
In compliance with the natural law circulations and flows,
we grow the crops without the use of pesticide or fertilizer to the greatest extent possible.
The purpose of this association is to provide the right support to the under-performing farmers
and farmers with limited knowledge in agriculture. Farming Literacy Association promotes safety crops in wide circulation,
which in return people to obtain a healthy life.
Every 1% of the bonuses of those Thanks Ai members who support
the Farming Literacy Association will be used to fund and development in the agricultural sector.
Soil ameliorant will be developed and distributed
to the farmers for free in hope that this could create an ideal growing environment,
hence ensuring that the crops are safe to consume.
Furthermore, we are dedicated in promoting healthy eating and have been organizing several
educational campaigns over the past few years in order to
increase public awareness in healthy eating.

Official Name

Farming Literacy Association


Director in Establishment – Mayazaki Tatemoto
Director in Establishment – Kinichi Amimoto


6-1-6, Higashiyama-ku, Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto, Japan

Date of Establishment

13th August 2014