We create enriched lives from
Enriched food and change the future
starting with the world’s dining table.
Feel the joy from an enriched diet
in abundant future life
Change our agriculture
to fix our diet
We believe that a wholesome diet
should consists of the nutrients and energy from the nature



Dear all members and partners, this is the special promotion for December, ending the year 2023! This month, we are introducing a brand new 2+1 Surprise Promotion! The additional item is one of Love Market's best-selling products, as a token of gratitude!  
Dear all members and partners, We're thrilled to announce the launch of Proteoil, and we can't wait to share the excitement with you. Get ready to embark on a journey to flawless, radiant skin with our revolutionary new skincare product!


Epigenetics affects your future
Phytochemicals bring you a healthier and more prosperous life


Revolution in Beauty
Obtained patents from many countries around the world
New Era of Health and Beauty Product in Thin Film Format


Creating a Light and Hydrated Complexion withthe Unique Combination of 2 Moisturizing Ingredients and 5 Botanical Oils

Perfect Mineral AI (Powder)

A Blessing for the Body,
Thanks to Nature

Perfect Mineral AI (Liquid)

The Organic Fulvic Acid Minerals with a rich blend of Minerals and Fulvic
Acid in the Ancient Plant Sediment Layer


New Era of Health and Beauty Product in Thin Film Format
Embracing A Healthy And Active Lifestyle

Kawaii Essence AI

Preservative-Free Freeze-Dried Ingredients x Plant Stem Cell Culture Solution
Unlocking the Beauty Key, Reviving Flawless Beautiful Skin
Beauty Serum Originally Imported from Japan

Face & Body Soap

Dense foam fully covers dirty pores and thoroughly cleanses the skin
Fulvic acid (mineral) and water-soluble proteoglycan added as moisturizing ingredients,
and hydrolyzed Swiftlet bird's nest extract.

Cleansing Oil

Get Rid of Double Cleansing, Remove Makeup,
Easily, Revival of a Brighter and Rosy Skin

Face & Body Lotion

High Permeability Formula that Delivers Moisture Deep Into Your Skin, Replenish
Substances Needed For Your Skin, Deep
Awakening Soft and Beautiful Skin