Fraud And Counterfeit Websites


[Attention] Fraud And Counterfeit Websites

Please Beware Of Fraud And Counterfeit Websites!!

Following the widespread use of internet, it has become easier and more convenient to buy and sell products on a personal basis.
On the other hand, this kind of trading also leads to more troubles arising.

Thanks AI aims at delivering products and customer service experience of the best and highest quality.
We, therefore, will not take any responsibility for products purchased elsewhere other than those purchased directly from our company by registered members.
To avoid unnecessary trouble, please purchase any Thanks Ai product through proper and legal channels.

Some examples are demonstrated below.
Various risks are hidden in Internet transactions as there are many fraud/scam websites.
Our customer service has received reports from our users involving such scam cases.

1.Receival Of Products Which Have Expired

There are reports of products which have expired being sold out.
Thanks Ai therefore sets up a strict regulation to prohibit selling of products which will expire within a certain period.

2.Quality Deterioration Due To Improper Product Storage Conditions

There are also reports involving product quality deterioration upon receival due to bad storage condition.
Thanks Ai therefore ensures that all the products are stored properly in the warehouse which belongs to one of the Thanks Ai affiliated companies.
Please note that we do not provide guarantee for quality of the products which are not purchased through proper and legal channels.

Example Of Kawaii Essence AI Under Bad Storage Condition
Example Of Hybrid Mineral AI Under Bad Storage Condition
3.Products Not Received After Placement Of Order

We received reports whereby after placement of order, users did not receive products and lose contact with sellers in which case the users have been scammed.
If you purchase using our official website, you will be able to track your product delivery status on our ‘Members Only’ section.

4.Counterfeit products

We also received reports from overseas that some products are advertised as Thanks Ai products but the actual products received are counterfeit products with low quality.

In addition, there are also other risks….

Apart from the issues stated above, there are some malicious vendors and/or phishing websites which exist for the purpose of stealing private confidential information through online transactions for their own profit.
Please be aware that you will be at risk if you purchase low price products via means other than the legal channels.