We create enriched lives from
Enriched food and change the future
starting with the world’s dining table.
Feel the joy from an enriched diet
in abundant future life
Change our agriculture
to fix our diet
We believe that a wholesome diet
should consists of the nutrients and energy from the nature


Please be notified that our office will be closed from 10th Nov 2020 until 6th Dec 2020. However, our management will operate (working from home) from Monday to Friday, 11am-7pm, and will off on weekends.
With the trust of expanding the company globally, Thanks Ai believes that technology is the best platform that can outreach by anyone all over the world, brought up with the enhancement for people to grow their business, and get the best in health they need all with their fingertips. Now, Thanks AI has produced their own 'Thanks Ai APP' that can be downloaded in Google Play Store and App Store. Please download the app and make use of the app that is very easy and simple to use. Just scan the QR code below and install the app on your mobile.


本周六❶❶月❷❶日,感謝愛邀您一齊來同樂❣️ 活動當日內容精彩,公司更精心準備了小禮物🎁
Coming to the end of this year, Thanks Ai is bringing you a powerful promotion plan. Let us work together to achieve our goals in 2020! Go Go Go! Also, Thanks Ai has included a "Special Sponsor Bonus" reward to our member! Now, everyone can make use of it to fully develop your organization in order to prepare for a better 2021!


Revolusi Kesihatan dan Kecantikan
Produk Era Baru Dengan Teknologi Berpaten Diiktiraf Dunia Dalam Format Filem Nipis


Epigenetik Yang Meramal Masa Depan Anda
Phytokimia Yang Memberikan Kehidupan Dan Kesihatan Terbaik

Perfect Mineral AI (Powder)

Mineral Dari Lapisan Sedimen Tumbuhan Purba
Dipertambah Dengan Keunikan Acelora

Perfect Mineral AI

Mineral Asid Fulvik Organik Yang Kaya Dengan
Campuran Mineral Dan Asid Fulvik Dari Lapisan Sedimen Tumbuhan Purba


Revolusi Produk Kesihatan Dan Kecantikan
Pemangkin Gaya Hidup Yang Sihat Dan Aktif

Kawaii Essence AI

Larutan Kecantikan Dengan Gabungan Sel Stem
Tumbuhan Yang Berasal Dan Diimport Dari Jepun

Face & Body Soap

Buih Halus Yang Menyegarkan, Mengecilkan Liang
Pori, Mengeluarkan Kotoran Dan Membersihkan Kulit Anda Sepenuhnya

Cleansing Oil

Tanpa Pembersihan Berulang, Menanggalkan
Solekan Dengan Mudah, Menghidupkan Semula
Kulit Yang Lebih Cerah Dan Berseri

Face & Body Lotion

Formula Keboletelapan Tinggi, Meresap Jauh Ke
Dalam Kulit Dan Memberi Kelembapan Diperlukan, Mengembalikan Kelembutan Dan Kecantikan Kulit