202401 Latest Campaigns and New Travel Incentives 2024

In the brand new year, we have introduced new campaigns and travel incentives! This year, we have also introduced points system to assist members and partners in reaching their goals for 2024 faster~
In 2024, we have launched 3️⃣ major campaigns:
1️⃣ Rank Up Campaign (Throughout the year)
2️⃣ Attack Chance Campaign (Throughout the year)
3️⃣ Unlimited Buy 2 Get 1 Free Promotion (Only in June and December)
And this time, the overseas travel incentive will be the beautiful "Hokkaido, Japan"! Moreover, partners participating in this travel incentive will have the opportunity to personally visit our production facility for the raw material—Proteoglycan❣️ Seize this rare opportunity to believe what you see with your own eyes and strengthen your confidence~
We look forward to meeting everyone in Hokkaido in the autumn of 2024 😁